There Is No Tomorrow!

There is no tomorrow! A thought for a second brings shivers down your spine! Right? Not literally though, but is it possible that there is no tomorrow? The featured video discusses how in last few decades our consumption of natural resources have increased many a folds with no major discoveries of it.

There is no tomorrow

For example, it talks about the Peak Oil theory which says that roughly half of the world’s oil reserves have already been used up with no ‘super giant’ oil field discoveries in recent years. It also touch base the EROIE (Energy Returned On Energy Invested) and concept of Fiat Money and its implications.

In general, this video gives a sneak preview of the natural resources depletion and the limitations to produce & discover the new ones. It’s a brilliant animated documentary which seriously discusses the dark future with limited natural resources.

Check out the video -

Now it’s your turn…..

Feel free to share your experience and thoughts in the comments area.

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